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Heres a webcomic from Angst, old one but good.

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Thursday, December 12, 2002  

SOS(from school)
Just another SOS, today I fell asleep in science listening to a 40 minute lecture on something I already knew, diffusion, 40 minutes non-stop on diffusion. I only dosed off for a second though. And you can't even feel comfortable in chairs that only go up halfway to your spine, which is great for your posture.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002  

Its about 1 am, watched a re-run of Buffy on space channel, I know I'll be tired as hell tomorrow, its sorta like hitting yourself and not caring that it hurts or something. Oh well, I'm gonna go read a book of mine, Chaos by James Gleick or something along those lines, whenever I'm not reading anything at the moment and I realize I've forgotten a lot of what I read in a book months or years ago I'll read it again. G'night everyone.

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Daily SOS(from school)
I'm at school right now, 11:40 am, I'm gonna be in class till lunch, at 12:09 or something, they aren't permitted by law to have evened out times like 12:00 or 11:00, apperantly. I am hungry. I got to fuck around with a couple cans of spray on snow, a thick substance that sticks onto surfaces and looks vaguely like snow. At $1.40 per can I can't complain. It costs more than the 'cafeteria food(oxymoron)' served here. Better than the Catholic school down the road, which a friend of mine described as "smoking, greasy, yet addictive". I remember hearing the business that works at the Catholic school also makes the food at the UofC, I'm not sure though cause the UofC has a food court with fast food places doesn't it? Oh well, I just wish they'd sell poptarts at the cafeteria. Have some toasters to heat them up and large cartons of milk or something, poptarts cannot be consumed without milk or any other sort of drink, but they are damn good.

Mista, mista, get me outta here, mista!

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Monday, December 09, 2002  

HomeworkFilms Another blog by a friend of mine Jonathan. Hes a student of the University of Calgary, a gamer, and an overall movie guru.

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I'm tired, heading off too bed, got to go to the sheephole again, nothing like sitting in front of a teacher taking in information that doesn't even relate to any future career you may choose. The only class that doesn't fit that description is comm tech, which actually does have intelligent people(really fucking rare in my school), and completely relates to my future. Note this is the only class I really enjoy. Science 10 I have to resist gouging my teacher's eyes out with a scoopula(or whatever that fucked up piece of metal is called), and beating him over the head with his own copy of text book.

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I realize these don't work, but I'm leaving them up for reference purposes
A pair of graphics I created with several images from various sources. All Star Wars related.
A logo I made for a gaming clan I used to run. This is composed of several images from and book covers.

Another example, in the center is Corran Horn from the cover of I Jedi, written by one of the best authors I've had the privelege to read work by.

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Sunday, December 08, 2002  

I really need some material here. Here is a picture...

"The electric enema, an invention that never made its way onto
the open market, for obvious reasons."

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Welcome to the grand opening, have a nice fucking day. Free watered down koolaid will be served to those who stay.

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